Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 2: Mountain HIking Holidays Shikoku Pilgrimage Group

We hiked today from Temple 11 (Fujidera) to the Temple 12 (Shosanji). Shosanji is the first mountain temple on the pilgrimage route. Today's hike was almost entirely on a mountain trail, so a marked change from yesterday's walk between Temple 1 and Temple 5. Here is our group ascending the trail a few minutes out of the Fujidera temple compound.
It rained all day today during our hike from Fujidera to Shosanji and the winds were brisk, so that added a bit of challenge to the hike (12 kilometers, 3,500 feet of elevation gain and 1,500 feet of elevation loss). We all earned the Shosanji temple stamp today!

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